Cardinal Sud, the kersidan beach sailing school

L'école de voile de la plage de Kersidan à 2 pas de camping permet de faire ses classes sur un optimist, voilier idéal pour apprendre à naviguer

Do you like sailing and water sports in general? If this is the case you have made the right choice with Camping***Le Suroît: in July and August, the Cardinal Sud sailing school * have pitched their tent 50 m from the campsite, on the beach of Kersidan.

The program of your holiday 7d/7:

  • Optimist classes and for 8 to 11 years old

  • Dinghy for teens and adults

  • Windsurfing

And also :

  • Rental of sea kayaks

  • For 3 years old, you will have to go to Port Manec’h

  • Also in Port Manec’h, rental of semi-rigids (with boating licence)

  • Sailing club affiliated to the French Sailing Federation

CONTACT : 033 (0)2 98 06 71 98 or 033 (0)2 98 06 63 54 – WEBSITE

Blue cruises on the « Popeye »

These cruises are part of the outings that we like to recommend. First because the boat is beautiful, warm wood, but also because from the sea you will have another view on the beautiful coastline of Brittany.

You will have the choice between :

  • Navigate the bay of Concarneau with magnificent views of the coast and its architectural heritage

  • Sail over to Beg Meil in the Fouesnant county. The master of the Popeye says it’s like spending a day on an island. And that’s true. The “chemin des douaniers” (GR34) starts at the Dunes and leads to the Semaphore. Why not bring a picnic or have a pancake on-site? Don’t forget your swimsuits… the beaches are beautiful there too.

Pets are allowed on board (no extra charge). Bikes also allowed with small charge.

CONTACT : 033 (0)6 63 05 83 47 – WEBSITE

Balade en bateau à Concarneau avec popeye
bateau revennant à la criée de la peche au Guilvinec

Haliotika : The fishing city

It takes an hour to get there, but it’s worth it. Le Guilvinec is the most important French artisanal fishing harbour. If you are in the area at 4:30 pm, you have a good chance of attending the return of the trawlers. Quite a sight!

The “Cité de la pêche” is set above the auction market and offers a variety of interesting events: attending the auction, exhibits, culinary workshops, half day or full day programs. Take your time: if you are interested in the sea world, you will not be disappointed.

You love to fish… ?

Fishing and sailing info in the Camping section

CONTACT : 033 (0)6 63 05 83 47 – WEBSITE

The Glenan Archipelago

Difficult not to talk about this archipelago that you can see from the beach of the campsite and that rightly contributes to the reputation of the region. Imagine 7 small islets, shoals of white sand, crystal clear water and gradients of turquoise… Apart from its 15,000 gulls, the archipelago is also home to one of the most famous sailing schools in Europe.

There are several ways to get there from April to September, starting from Concarneau.