Just like Pont Aven, Concarneau deserves a sunny day during which you will find out why it is also called the “blue city”.

Vue aérienne de la ville close de Concarneau

The walled city

The walled city is a real jewel with its old houses, ramparts and shops! Avoid peak hours.Light is most beautiful in the early morning and at dusk! You can get to the ramparts via the Tower of the Governor –Call 033 (02) 98 60 76 06 for information on visiting hours. Information and documentation about the town at the Maison du Patrimoine (033 (02) 98 50 38 68), located at the entrance of the town next to a 15th century half-timbered house.

Commissioner Dupin, has his own poetic way of introducing this small fortified island: “The walled city was built on a narrow and oblong shaped island, in such a way that it seemed set in the middle of the river basin into which runs the nonchalant Moros. A painter could not have made it more beautiful.”A summer at Pont Aven, Jean-Luc Bannalec, p. 12


Le petit train

This small Train is a good way of rounding off your visit… and of taking a little rest. The tour is commented, in French, but also in English, German, Italian, Dutch and Spanish. The train runs every day from April to the end of September.

CONTACT : 033 (0)2 98 97 52 82 – WEBSITE

Le petit train avec à bord un public plutôt familial, propose une visite guidée de la ville de Concarneau
Le chateau de Keriolet qui a abrité une princesse russe se visite

The Castle of Keriolet

Children enjoy stories of castles and princesses. As it is, the castle of Keriolet (13th and 19th century), 5 minutes from the walled city, is a real castle with towers, a real princess (Russian imperial princess Zénaï de Naryshkine Youssoupov, aunt of Tsar Nicholas II) and Count Charles de Chauveau. A guided will tell you more about this very special place.

CONTACT : 033 (0)2 98 97 36 50 – WEBSITE

Visit of the brewery Tri Martolod

“Tri Martolod”, means “three sailors” in Breton. Alan Stivel made this traditional Breton song famous, but it is also the name of a rather special brewery in Concarneau. They are famous for their know-how, for their participatory management and of course for their wide range of great beers and other beverages. The brewery can be visited from 15 June to 15 September.

CONTACT : 033 (0)2 98 99 91 99 – WEBSITE

Affiche de la brasserie artisanale Tri Martolod à Concarneau