Active camping holiday

The *** Le Suroît campsite is an ideal holiday destination if you love outdoor activities! This Breton campsite is set 50 m from the beach of Kersidan (Trégunc), ideal for swimming, water sports and aquatic activities. In season, Marlène, the campsite manager, also a qualified sports instructor will introduce you to a variety of activities from aqua hiking, to kayak outings, or nature walks on the foreshore… Follow the guide!

Aqua hiking on Thursday mornings!

Weather permitting Thursday morning is traditionally reserved for aqua hiking. Marlène will confirm the time and will introduce you herself to this new and virtuous practise.  You may wish to wear a wetsuit, which the *** campsite offers at 2 € per ½ day.

The thousand virtues of aqua hiking

Well perhaps not 1,000. But the benefits of this outdoor activity are indeed many:

  • Simple: a wetsuit (that Le Suroît campsite can provide), shoes (if you have sensitive feet), and water, be it river or ocean!

  • Easy: You know about Archimedes’ principle: “Any object wholly or partially immersed in a fluid is buoyed up by a force equal to the weight of the fluid displaced by the object.” In other words, in water, especially in salty water, your body seems weightless, the pressure on your joints is reduced, you can move more freely.

  • Fit for all: thanks again to Archimedes’ principle, there is no age limit; you do not even have to be able to swim provided you are supervised by a qualified instructor.

  • Friendly: as a result of the combination of the above not to mention Marlene’s advice and support.

On the health side, aqua hiking also implies:

  • natural massage by the sea (draining and relaxing effect)

  • burning calories,

  • De l’endurance et du renforcement musculaire

  • muscle strengthening

  • gentle joint activity, ideal for rehabilitation

  • energizing and revitalizing sea air

Aqua hiking rates

  • Completely free for *** Le Suroît campers with their wetsuits

  • 2 € for renting wetsuits for ***Le Suroît campers

  • 10 € for outside guests


Kayaking is an original way of discovering the coastline. All it takes is a little elbow grease, good sunscreen and off you go!

Marlene will be there to advise you if you are “new” to kayaking. Kayaking has its own prerequisites like being able to climb back on board if you have fallen overboard!

There is no pre-established schedule for kayak outings. They all depend on the weather and your own wishes. You will find the schedule of activities at the reception of Camping ***Le Suroît and on their Facebook page.

Kayaking rates Rates

  • 7 € for campers

  • 20 € for outside guests

Discovering the foreshore

What is the foreshore? It is the portion of beach that lies between the average high tide mark and the average low tide mark. This area is totally covered by the sea at high tide and discovered at low tide; it is characterized by a specific and incredibly rich ecosystem to whom knows how to look at it because fauna and flora must adapt to air and water and bear the shock of tidal currents and waves.

You will see sea anemones, small crustaceans, sea stars, crabs and countless kinds of algae.

Marlene knows the place inside out and will organize guided tours of the foreshore and make you discover its hidden wealth.

The program is available at the campsite *** Le Suroît and on the Facebook Facebook page